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We teach you to dance, not just do steps to music.

Theme parties for all functions are our specialty. 
    Make your next event, party, birthday, function, fundraiser etc.        FUN & MEMORABLE
                  Book now with us for that special 'theme night'                  on the below phone numbers or via email


Line Dancing (Country/Western) is only 1 of our specialties, we also do....
Latin, 50s Rock N Roll, Swing, Jitterbug, Roaring 20s and more.
We'll even teach you these dances on the day/night of the function or before, if you like.


We can also book whatever entertainment you want for any function.
       DJs, Bands, Dancers/Performers, Dance Teachers etc.        Contact us now & book quickly to avoid disappointment.


We also have a special 'package deals' on a Band or DJ plus Dancers/Performers and/or Dance Teachers.


Click here to email us or Ph (02) 9596-0506 Mbl. 0425 21 31 41

When sending us an email, please make the subject clear, as, due to the

 high number of SPAM emails, it may be deleted by mistake.

Quote of the 20th Century
"You see a problem. I see many solutions" ...........  Panagis (Peter) Thomas

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All kinds of dancing, dance classes, tuition, socials, steps, sheets.

Links to line dance sites in New South Wales, Australia wide and the world.


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